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March 2, 2021

Dear West Linn High School Community,

Due to improving COVID-19 health metrics, Clackamas County has been moved to the moderate-risk category for at least the next two weeks (Friday, March 12 will move again). This means we will be able to allow small numbers of spectators at certain athletic events starting this week.

Given this designation, the Oregon Health Authority allows for the following maximum number of people at athletic contests:

  •         WLHS Stadium Maximum (outdoor) – 150 people
  •         Designated Field (Rosemont Ridge Field) Area Maximum (outdoor) – 150 people
  •         Enclosed Gym Maximum (indoor) – 50% capacity (125 square feet of space per person) or 100 people, whichever is fewer

The maximum numbers must include athletes, coaches, trainers, key event workers, and any required administrative supervisors, in addition to spectators.

Given these requirements, the number of spectators in attendance at West Linn High School will vary by site and sport. For example, a varsity soccer game at West Linn High School would involve 70-75 participants (players, coaches, trainers and administrative supervisors), leaving 70-75 tickets to be distributed to families. A varsity football game at West Linn High School would involve more players; meaning fewer tickets (potentially zero) would be available for spectators.

Note: If Clackamas County were to return to a high-risk level at any time in the future, and OHA guidelines did not change, WLHS would not be able to allow spectators at any events.

Because site and team sizes vary, the ticketing processes will vary. Brigham Baker WLHS Athletic Director or your athlete’s coach will communicate specifics. Generally speaking, you should expect an email from your team’s coach with specific information on how many tickets will be allocated for your family.

In general, only home team families will have access to tickets. The number that each school allocates will vary based upon team size and support needed to run the event. Families will need to follow these processes in order to gain admission. If there were to be violations of these policies, we would need to stop the game until the expectation is met.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to having our student-athletes back on the field and in the gym. And we look forward to seeing all of you cheering their efforts from the sidelines or virtually!

Please note the guidelines below for each program.

Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country

  •         Only the host school families, for that contest, will have access to tickets.  The number that each school allotts will vary based upon team size and support needed to run the event.  Given projected numbers, we expect that each family will be allotted up to a maximum of 2 tickets. Tickets can only be used by immediate family members.  

Note 1: the ticketing process may vary by sport, yet will meet the guidance shown above.  Families will need to follow this process in order to gain admission.

Note 2: As each of the games played will be treated as separate events, we will need to have the facility cleared from spectators and players prior to the beginning of the next game. For example, if we have a JV Soccer game in the Stadium, followed by a Varsity Soccer Game, all of the parents in the stadium will have to leave. If they have two children on different teams, they will still need to leave the stadium, and then check back in.

  •         No students, from the host school, will be admitted unless they are a sibling of the 

immediate family for that athlete.

  •         Visiting spectators will not be admitted.
  •         Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth, at all times.
  •         Family Groups must maintain 6-foot distance at the venue.
  •         No concessions will be sold.
  •         Immediately following each contest all fans will leave the facility promptly.  The plan is to have everyone exit within 10 minutes following completion of the contest.
  •         Entrance to the contest will take place no earlier than 20 minutes before the events start time.


  •         By the OHA guidance, only 150 people maximum are allowed to attend.  Each contest will have different team sizes that may or may not allow for some spectators to be in attendance. Therefore, spectators at football games will be site based and dependent upon being able to stay at 150 or less. This can vary depending on the level of football competition; Varsity, JV or 9th grade.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are very anxious to get our seasons off to a successful start.

Go Lions!


Greg Neuman


Brigham Baker

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director